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Dog DNA Testing

Dog DNA Testing

Simple Painless Dog Breed Identity & Genetic Age


Simple Painless Dog Breed Identity & Genetic Age

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About DNA Dog Testing


Our Dog DNA Test will provide a snap shot of your dogs unique genetic breed ancestry profile. 

Find out about traits possible health issues or other important qualities present in your dog's DNA profile? Now available for animal shelter fund raising. 

Our dog test will identify up to 5 breed levels through matching with over 120 known canine breeds!  

Many years of successful tests provided by our state of the art forensic animal DNA Laboratory quality and service is our moto!

Order your DNA My Dog Kit today and find out more about your dog! Its easy to do using our painless cheek swab.

Please allow up to 21 days after receipt of your dogs saliva sample for final DNA forensic results. 

Generate excitement! Who's Your Daddy? Rescue/Shelter Fund Raiser Program


  •  If you have a Non for Profit Animal Rescue/Shelter we can help you get the funds that keep you doing the amazing work that you do! 
  • On request we will supply your shelter/rescue with FREE DNA My Dog kits so you can get donations from interested dog lovers. 
  • Please see our special fund raiser program page for more information or drop us a line and get started with your next fundraiser.   

Custom Certificate with Your Dog's Breed Ancestry Results


  • DNA My Dog clients will receive a customized certificate, which we can add your favorite doggy photo. 
  • The certificate is an accurate snap shot of your dog's unique genetic breed identity. 
  • Share your dog DNA profile results with friends and family after all they are family too!