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Canine DNA Testing

DNA My Dog Fund-Raiser Program

DNA My Dog - Rescue/Shelter Fundraising Program



  • By request, we will supply your non-profit animal shelter/rescue our canine DNA lab collection kits AT NO COST to your organization.  
  • Your organization can sell the kits to interested visitors for a $10.00 tax deductible donation that your non-profit will keep. We will also supply you a POP display and flyers for free.
  • Our kit comes with simple instructions and everything required to complete a DNA breed/ancestry forensic test on any dog.  
  • The dog owner will activate the laboratory DNA test on our website.
  • The dog owner will collect a saliva buckle sample from their dog using the provided swabs.
  • We also provide a postal mailer to return the samples to our laboratory for DNA canine/breed identification.
  • Results turn-around are usually in 14- 21 days. 
  • This special fundraiser DNA a Dog Test is discounted at only $49.95 for activation of the lab test, so it’s a great deal 
  • WIN / WIN.  Note: Pet Stores sell similar test kits for $89.00-$120.00!

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Generate Excitement Locally


Offering our State of the Art DNA Ancestry lab test to local dog owners is a great way to generate interest in your shelter! 

  1. Get local schools involved.. kids love to help.
  2. Local businesses can offer the program to their employees ...so your shelter gets the funds they need to continue there services.
  3. There are many different ways this program can to help raise funds locally! Get in touch with us when you have a fundraiser coming up.   

Personalized Results Certificate



The breed ancestry results are provided on a hand crafted personalized certificate that is suitable for framing. The client can send us a photo of their pet and we will add it to the finished certificate which we will email or postal mail a copy.